About Blair House - A Step Into History

Deeply ingrained in our nation’s history, Blair House has served as the home away from home for visiting chiefs of state, heads of government, and their delegations since 1942.

An invitation from the President of the United States to occupy this historic residence is an honor of the highest significance. Operated by the Office of the Chief of Protocol, U.S. Department of State (www.state.gov/s/cpr), Blair House provides accommodations for visiting foreign delegations and office space for State Department protocol, security, facilities and curatorial representatives, as well as for the Blair House Restoration Fund.

The Blair House staff extends the finest of American hospitality to its guests, ensuring their experience is cordial, comfortable and secure and appropriately conveys the honor to which they are entitled. When visiting leaders reside here, the flags of their nations fly proudly over Blair House, a courtesy that serves as both a gracious welcome and a symbol of the home’s crucial role in diplomatic relations.